About Us

About Growbiz Solutions

Growbiz Solutions was founded in 2012 and we exist to challenge the status quo of bookkeeping, CFO and business development services by providing virtual solutions that are not just services, but strategic assets for businesses aiming for growth.  We make it easy for you to focus on your business and make more money.

We live and breathe finance and accounting, so you don’t have to. With hundreds of customers across Australia & NZ, we’re the leading provider of bookkeeping, CFO and business development solutions that work for you, no matter the size of your business.

We are your onsite, remote or fully managed finance department of qualified accounting and experienced finance professionals who work as part of your business, making your finance function simple and streamlined. You’ll have access to a progressive group of growth-focused finance professionals, from bookkeepers to CFOs, without having to manage your own internal finance department.

Our Managing Team

Rob Pasquale

Managing Partner

25+ years of experince in building businesses. I love to work with energetic professionals, business owners and leadership teams, who understand the need for expert guidance to leap forward and reach the next level

Carissa Lake

Key Account Manager

A decade-long background in accounting and client relations. She excels in understanding diverse business needs, delivering tailored solutions, and providing proactive support to ensure your success

Johnny Gatto

Business development Head

Johnny brings over a decade of experience driving business growth across various industries. His strategic approach and market insights have been instrumental in forging key partnerships and propelling our company forward.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier provider of finance personnel to empower our clients with the confidence and strategic insight necessary to achieve unparalleled success

Our mission

To provide our clients with exceptional finance personnel dedicated to driving their business growth.
By strategically aligning skilled professionals in optimal roles and levels, we enhance the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and agility of our clients’ finance functions, ensuring they are fully tailored to meet their evolving needs

Our Commitment

We live and breathe finance and accounting, so our clients don’t have to. We are dedicated to revolutionising traditional accounting practices through our commitment to delivering cost-effective, virtual or onsite solutions and providing invaluable business insights that drive more effective decision-making. We empower clients to focus on their core strength….growing their business and making money